PMCA Colony Update 2019: We have eggs

The first egg of the 2019 season at the PMCA was laid on May 29th. We now have multiple eggs in almost every cavity at each of our colony sites.

We are also excited to announce that Season 4 of Martin TV is now live on YouTube. We have a live camera that gives you a view inside of a gourd and an outside view of our colony at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center. You can watch our martin couple raise their young from egg to fledge live 24/7. Our martin pair have built a beautiful nest lined with green leaves and have now laid 6 eggs. We expect their eggs to hatch on camera on June 21st.

Follow this link and click the video for the live feed: Live NestCam


Mercedes Leofsky

PMCA Field Biologist

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  1. Finally after several years 4 pairs of purple martens have started going into the gourds and building at least 2 nests. This was roughly 2 weeks ago. Hopefully they stay. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Southeast Putnam county Ohio. Love these birds!!

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