pmca colony update 2019: Our first eggs have begun hatching

The first nest of our season hatched on June 17th and with that begins a busy couple weeks of eggs hatching every day.  When a nest first hatches, we use our laminated martin photos to age the young. Using their age we can determine the actual hatch date, the date that they can be banded (11 days old)  and the date that the young could begin fledging.

Our first hatched nest of the season. A clutch of 5 eggs all hatched and are one day old in this photo.

Our pair, Jolene and Carl, from our LIVE NestCam have laid a total of 7 eggs! They are due to hatch this Saturday (June 22nd). Tune into our YouTube channel to watch in anticipations with us for all 7 eggs to hatch.

Live NestCam

A view from our Live NestCam with their nest of 7 eggs

Mercedes Leofsky

PMCA Field Biologist