Troyer Horizontal Gourds Round Entrance with Cling Plate

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The Troyer Horizontal Gourd is a one-piece, 9” x 14” opaque, high-density polyethylene plastic gourd with a threaded access port, covered by a twist-off cap for nest checks, nest replacements, or end-of-season clean-outs.

A series of molded ribs and a textured pattern on the upper neck permit martins to perch comfortably, and its 14” length keeps martins out of predator reach. An internal traction pad facilitates easy exit for the birds. The seamless body is watertight and has four 1/4” drain holes. Weighs approximately 24 ounces. 

Round entrances come with a removable cling plate that serves as a tail prop.

Troyer gourds have a manufactured hanging tube on top so they can be hung from a straight rod. They can also be hung using a wire, with minor modifications.

We recommend that they be hung on horizontal arms of the Deluxe Gourd Rack, Expandable Gourd Rack or Trendsetter Gourd Rack.

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