Nest Trays - Lonestar housing EXPECT UP TO 3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY

Great for easy nest cleanouts!

Price: $12.75
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A perfect addition to your Lonestar house.

Nest trays make nest checks and clean-outs extremely easy and convenient. Martins love a nest tray, especially when filled with a layer of nesting materials such as pine straw (from pine needles). Constructed of white pine and polystyrene, this nest tray is lightweight and can be used with any of the Lonestar houses.

Sold as individual trays.

Overall measurement: 11-3/4" L x  5-1/4" W x 4" H

The width may vary; if it appears too loose, please add a small dowel rod or something to the side so the nest will fit snuggly).

 To block off the entrance to your Lonestar house when not in use, turn the nest tray around so the poly backing covers the hole on the house.

Fits all Lonestar Models.



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