Lonestar Goliad Junior System EXPECT UP TO 3 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY

includes pole, winch & ground socket

Price: $690.95
Member Price: $656.40

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690.95 non-member price with selected options

Goliad Jr 8 Room Purple Martin House System - complete with pole, winch and ground stake. Perfect for the new landlord!


  • Goliad house is made of heavy gauge, white, heat reflective aluminum
  • attics are fully insulated for additional protection.
  • Rooms are large (6" x 6" x 12")
  • The Goliad is modular so additional floors can be added as your colony grows.
  • Select round or starling resistent entry holes - both styles ship assembled.
  • Round hole house includes door plugs, while the crescent opening houses do not.
  • Includes heavy duty 2" square zinc electroplated pole is designed to fit your Lone Star house, comes with a ground socket, winch and steel cable.
  • Ratchet style winch provides easy raising and lowering of your Lone Star house


Height:   15"    
Width:   33"    
Length:   33"    
Room   6"wide    
Room   12"high    
Room   6"long    

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