• Lonestar Alamo System
  • Lonestar Alamo System

Lonestar Alamo System

Includes pole, winch & ground socket, T-14-Like Design

Price: $875.95
Member Price: $832.16

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875.95 non-member price with selected options

Lonestar Alamo martin houses are the top-of-the-line in aluminum housing and incorporate many features designed to enhance nesting success and facilitate colony-site management. Includes 14 roomy nesting compartments.

  • Includes heavy duty 2" square zinc electroplated pole is designed to fit through your Lone Star house and comes with a ground socket, winch and steel cable.
  • Includes ratchet style winch allows for easy raising and lowering of your Lone Star house.
  • The full assembled Alamo has 14 deep compartments (6"x6"X12"), which aid in protecting your martins from owls and hawks. We recommend deep compartments such as these.
  • Easy-access hinged doors for nest checks
  • An easy-to-use winch system for raising and lowering
  • Offset holes with round or crescent entrances
  • Individual porches with guard rails
  • Designed to accomplish 100% occupancy
  • Fully-insulated attics.
  • Includes 14 winter door stops

Extended perching rods (LSPR) are also sold separately

Use the T14 metal trap (T14TrapM)

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