PMCA Excluder® Gourd Insert Trap

Easily fits over inner porch!

Price: $22.95
Member Price: $21.80


Trap easily inserts over PMCA Excluder® Gourd inner porch!

Many landlords requested a trap that fit over the inner porch. We quickly responded by designing the new PMCA Excluder® trap!

Our newly developed PMCA Excluder® trap easily inserts over the PMCA Excluder® Gourds inner porch allowing you to keep the inner porch in place!

  • Works with starling-resistant entrances available on PMCA Excluder® Gourds.
  • Built with an easy-to-use shutter mechanism that slips over the inside porch.
  • Red closed door indicator easily visible.


The PMCA recommends trapping when you are nearby to monitor the gourd.



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