Deluxe Universal Sparrow Trap

Price: $35.95
Member Price: $34.15


The PMCA's Deluxe Universal House Sparrow Insert Trap is a highly efficient device for capturing these non-protected, harmful birds.

When placed and operated properly, it can capture many House Sparrows or even European Starlings during the cavity-hunting stages of these birds' nesting cycles. Works best for crescent entrances.

This insert trap will fit inside a wide variety of martin housing:

  • Trio houses (except the Grandma/MSS8, Grandpa/MSS12 and the Wade)
  • Coates houses
  • Lonestar houses
  • T-14

It will fit in other houses with it's dimensions of: 4-5/8" wide x 4-3/8" tall x 5-1/4" deep, with the entrance holes aligned (2- 5/16" entrance).

Works on wooden houses with round, oval, and crescent shaped entrances (may not work in Excluder® entrances in smaller cavities).

Product Instructions:

Deluxe Universal Sparrow Trap

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