6 Unit Deluxe Gourd Rack

(Gourds Sold Separately)

Price: $285.95
Member Price: $271.65

Available Options

285.95 non-member price with selected options


  Raising and lowering this 6-unit Deluxe Gourd Rack is easy with its four-part pulley system and nylon glide buttons

Previously the Expandable Gourd Rack (EGR), now improved!

This deluxe rack comes complete with:

  • Rust-proof 2” square aluminum pole withstands wind beautifully
  • Holds natural or plastic gourds and includes hitch pins to secure gourds on arms
  • Assembled hub and pole with pre-drilled holes
  • Polyester rope
  • Rope cleat
  • Mostly stainless steel hardware
  • 3/8" gourd arms, your choice of stainless steel (gold series) or aluminum (silver series)
  • Perch rods
  • Plastic pipe cap
  • Ground stake

Installed height 14 feet

Available Options and Add-ons:

Arms:  Choose either Silver Series aluminum arms, or Gold Series stainless steel arms

Arm Type:  Horizontal gourd arms (for Troyer Gourds, S&K Gourds and some horizontally hung natural gourds) or vertical gourd arms (for all other types of gourds, natural or manufactured, including PMCA Excluder® and SuperGourds).

Pole Size/Winch Add-on:  The Deluxe Gourd Racks come standard with a 2" square pole and a rope and pulley system.  Customers may switch from a rope & pulley system to a winch, or upgrade to a 3" square pole.  

The winch add-on (DGRWA) comes with a 2' extension, a large custom pulley, heavy duty brake winch, stainless cable and hardware. Original rope, pulleys and other hardware will be replaced by this add-on.  Raises system height to 16', no additional height should be purchased.

Get extra stability and height for your Dexluxe Gourd Rack with a 3" square, 16' tall high-quality aluminum pole. (DGR3P)

Want both?  Have your Deluxe Gourd Rack on a 3" pole with a winch and cable system.  (DGR3P, DGR3PWA)


Owl Guards (GROG18) and predator guard (GUARDC or QRG2 for a 2" pole, or QRG3 for the 3" pole) are recommended, not included.

Gourds sold separately and must have hanging holes in neck drilled or enlarged to 3/8" by the customer.

This 6-unit can be upgraded to a 12-unit system.  EGRUP for Expandable Gourd Racks sold previous to 2016.   6UP12NEW for DRG3 purchased in 2016.

Product Instructions:

Deluxe Gourd Rack

Deluxe Gourd Rack with Winch Add-on

Deluxe Gourd Rack with 3" Pole

Deluxe Gourd Rack with 3" Pole with Winch


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