PMCA Purple Martin Decoy

Most realistic decoy on the market!

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Buy our great attraction tool today! Martins prefer the company of other breeding martins, so attracting the first pair to a new site is often difficult. These life-size decoys help convince cavity hunting martins that your site is already colonized. The combination of decoys and broadcasting martin vocalizations(the Dawnsong CD which we also cary) is especially effective in creating the illusion of genuine colony site activity.

Use as a predator deterrent! Decoys can also distract and confuse attacking predators such as hawks. When you place your decoy perched high on the perch rods or even on the gourd arms, if a predator attacks the decoy becomes the "slowest bird" thereby giving your martins a chance to escape!

These natural looking, solid black decoys are 7" long and weigh 1.5 oz. each.

They come ready to mount on a gourd or house. 

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