• Coates Original Aluminum House - 16 room
  • Coates Original Aluminum House - 16 room

Coates Original Aluminum House - 16 room

Price: $271.95
Member Price: $258.35

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271.95 non-member price with selected options

Coates Original Martin Houses are quality houses at reasonable prices.

This is the 16 compartment model.

Compartment size is 6" x 6". Hinged doors allow for ease of cleaning and quick nest checks. Porches are equipped with guardrails, the roof peak is topped with a perch. Porch dividers increase occupancy rates and keep nestlings from wandering. The houses are made of durable, lightweight aluminum, and have ventilated roofs for added coolness. Comes with Base Plate.  Round entrances come with door plugs.

  • Made to fit Multipurpose Pole, part number: MPP (this double pulley and rope pole holds two houses) - sold separatley
  • Birds Choice Coates Heavy Duty Telescoping Pole, part number: CHD12 - sold separatley.


Specify if you want to buy the house assembled or will put it together yourself.

You will also choose the entrance: either round or crescent. 

The PMCA strongly recommends the crescent, starling-resistant entrance holes.

Price includes Shipping

Owl guards sold separatley - COG select the guards for a 16 room house

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