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Kelly Applegate~MN
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Hello everyone-

In partnership with many other leading bird conservation agencies, the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Wildlife Program is pleased to announce the formation of the Purple Martin Working Group of Minnesota. The group will work to conserve the Purple Martin in Minnesota through a network of professional agencies, biologists, expert landlords, and volunteers. The decline of Minnesota’s Purple Martins has drawn the attention of many this year with the Audubon’s press release of common birds in decline. Sadly, data shows that Purple Martins in MN have decreased by 78% since 1965.

The working group will have many functions for helping the martin population in Minnesota including public education, conservation projects, event planning and support, and working directly with martins to get better population estimates. The group is open to agencies and individuals who have an interest in martin conservation. Interested parties should contact me to get on the contact list. Below is a list of current agency participants:

-Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Department of
Natural Resources and Environment

-Purple Martin Conservation Association

-US Fish & Wildlife Service

-Minnesota State Department of Natural Resources
Non-game Wildlife Program

-Audubon Minnesota

-Minnesota Ornithologists Union (MOU)

-Bird Conservation Minnesota

Imagine what we can achieve together! Interested parties should include an email with all their contact information.

Kelly Applegate
Wildlife Biologist
Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe DNRE
43408 Oodena Drive
Onamia, MN 56359

Phone: (320) 532-7747
Fax: (320) 532-4192
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Anything I can do from down here??

starling shooter
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You are to be commended.

I wonder if the cold weather die offs are a factor. Now that colonies can be saved through supplemental feeding that the tide may turn.

One thing is for sure...the internet has been their best friend.
Kelly Applegate~MN
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Hi Dicklaxt-

From Texas I'm not sure if you would want to drive a thousand miles, but your welcome to travel up and help out :-)
.....or maybe you could convince some of the texas martins that they should come to MN because we have more MOSQUITOS!

Kelly Applegate~MN
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Location: Princeton, Minnesota

Starling Shooter-

Your right about the internet, it has done a lot for martins and their landlords.

Cold weather snaps are really hard on the early returners. However, there's only a handful of landlords in MN who even know what supplemental feeding is......but with the efforts of the working group this will change :-)
Daniel Airola
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Kelly -

I just wanted to congratulate you on formation of your working group. I have been participating in the Western Purple Martin Working Group over the last 6 years. We have members from California north to British Columbia, and some non-attending confederates from Utah and Colorado. We have found it very helpful to meet and exchange information about martin status, monitoring methods and needs, other research topics (e.g., taxonomic status of western populations), and management actions and results. I have learned a huge amount from my fellow members, and gotten invaluable help in my work with California martins.

We keep things informal and that seems to work best. We meet as a group only once a year (due to the time and costs of travel), but are exchanging information regularly and visiting to help one another throughout the year.

Best wishes in your efforts, and let use know if the Western Working Group can help you.
Dan Airola - Sacramento CA
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