Hurricane Ida...hope all you Louisiana landlords fairedwell.

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Hi everyone. Still recovering from Hurricane Ida. I don't think anyone escaped damage. Hope all my neighbors are ok. I am lucky by the Grace of God. Had some roof damage but had a whole house generator and metal shutters. Both spared me. Finally have power but many further down the bayou do not. Wondering about Thomabear a frequent forum member who lives in Cut-Off, a very seriously damaged area. My martin houses withstood the 150 mph winds and gusts. The cable on one came lose from the pulley so I'll bring it down to fix it. Trees that are standing are bare with leaves being blown off. Lots of damage all around. Today I spotted two Great Horned Owls. Beautiful birds (just stay away from my martins). Just checking in. Brent
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well, glad to hear you weathered that storm in relatively good shape; as you pointed out, many many did not. your poles did great in 150 mph winds, so did your house! Good gosh. wish you guys all the best.
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Hi all.. first chance for me to get on here since hurricane Ida tore thru Laplace, Louisiana.. Lots of severe damage here. I was blessed compared to most. Some shingle damage and all fences down but others got so much worse. Silver lining though. So many big trees blown down. My martins will have a super clear flight path to their houses and all around..I took my houses down and stored them in garage. Glad I did.. I had already done lots of upgrades to them. Hope Brent and others in se Louisiana are ok.
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Hi Rob and all,
Everyone in recovery stage. Same with me that trees nearby were uprooted. One in particular that was a hide out for the hawks is gone. The weather today is awesome. My martin houses withstood the high winds. I had them lowered and the posts took the wind. A cable was loose on one. My neighbor helped me to get it back on the pulley. Got to take some damaged gutters down and wait like everyone else to have things repaired. Very severe damage further down the Bayou. Hope Thomabear in Cut-Off faired well. Watching the hummingbirds as they travel through. Brent
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