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Ron Alsop
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Hi Folks, just wondering if any of you have ever had this problem. I had a very good year and fledged about 200. The very last to fledge was here with it's mother for a few days after the other birds had left. After just seeing the 2 of them for a few extra days, they also left and I figured everybody had gone to roost. However, the past couple days, I believe its the juvenile, keeps returning by itself, spends the night and then leaves in the am. I keep thinking it has figured out how to go to roost but then it shows up again. Today was the 3rd time it has shown up. Anybody else ever experience this???
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Interesting! I think that happened last year or the year before to someone, eventually the martin left. never happened here.

That is one bird who likes his home, Id imagine as the roost leaves so will he. All iv seen are some swallows heading south, miss the martins already.

Enjoy him while you can,
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Hello Ron,

It's probably uncommon to have a bird returning this late, but I heard earlier today that Andy Troyer of Conneautville, PA had two birds return last night. It sounded as if they were surprised to see them come in. I know years ago I was contacted by a rehabber about handling a bird to release since it had been rehabbed. This was about the same time in September. I brought it up from Verona (outside of Pittsburgh) on a Friday night and put him in a gourd to spend the night. The next morning, Saturday, I went out and opened up the gourd for him/her to take off. It took several minutes at least for it to come out on the porch and it sat there for another 10-15 minutes surveying the landscape. It then took off and landed in one of our pin oaks at that time. About 30 minutes later it took off and returned several times that day. Surprisingly, but he ended up bringing a partner back to our place once or twice during that day. We were happy that at least he/she had some company and they could hang out together. We did not see them after that afternoon, so hopefully they were able to meet up with other migrating martins.

Surprisingly, last Friday, I witnessed a small martin roost in Crawford County on a private farm consisting of 1-2,000 martins in a corn field, so hopefully your martin will join up with a group of martins and work their way south.

Glad you had a successful year! I'll send you an email with what I have as your last valid email address.

Bill Wenger

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