Michigan Martineers?

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Martin Colony History: 2021 Texas deep freeze, first arrived 4/6. 37 pair, 143 hatched, 140 fledged, 21 non viable.

2020 first arrived 3/27. 21 pair, 92 fledged, 9 non viable.

2019 first time with Martin's, first arrived 4/24 10 pair, 24 fledged, 15 eggs non-viable.

Anyone up in Michigan recently have about 20-30 fledge? Just this morning, after a couple weeks of ours leaving, I woke up to all these, definitely was not expected! Since our group left, we've had a few flyover and stop by on random occasions and then days with nothing. I'm assuming these came from someone who's got a large colony, so just wanted to let you know they're doing good and staying together! Lol

It'd be interesting to know their flyways. Also, this stresses the importance of leaving your gourds up after yours fledge.


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Martin Colony History: 2016- Visitors.
2017- 5 pair. 15 fledged
2018- 18 pair. 85 fledged
2019- 17 pair. 81 fledged
2020- 25 pair. 111 fledged
2021- 28 pair. 118 fledged
Home colony: mix natural, super and excluder gourds, enlarged compartment house. All SREH.
Satellite colony: Oso Bay Preserve: 12 PMCA excluder gourds, 6 room trio mini castle with enlarged compartments.
2019: Visitors
2020: 3 pair, 11 fledged
2021: 10 pair, 30 fledged
2022: ?
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Well, that great, what a nice surprise! Ok, ok now I'm convinced.
Thanks for sharing!
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