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I have had no activity at the colony for about 3 weeks, so I decided to Take it house down for cleaning and winter. About a week later, a group of adult martins where calling and swooping at the lowered pole. Should I have left it out sooner? Will they think something happened to the colony and not return?
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Two SuperGourd poles (12 gourds on each) at River Point Assisted Living Center.


They will return. I have had martins return to the site many times in August only to find just the poles since I had cleaned the gourds and removed them. It never made a difference the following year.

I was debating when to clean my gourds last week. When I went to the site on Sunday, 15 martins were on the perches or sitting on the gourds. Guess I will wait a little longer. If you want to make sure the martins are gone before you take down the housing, in Texas, Labor Day weekend is a good time Bottom line....Don't worry.

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I'm in no real hurry to take mine down each year. This year was especially rewarding in that I had visitors long after fledging. They would gather in the air space above and make their approaches as they did in the Spring. It's almost as if they are showing other Martins where to return to next year. Or, they are cementing the location into their on board GPS.

I had 15 flying by only 3 days ago.

I usually take them down in September.

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The last pair fledged 2 weeks ago. No rush to remove gourds yet. It was quiet for about a week but now I've got a few birds coming in every night and always seem To go in the same gourd. I presume it's the pair that either fledged from that gourd or parents. Every morning I get many birds (about 20) visit and preen and vocalize for about an hour. Really nice to see them around. This year went well since I went from one pair last year to 5 this year. I assume next year should be quite interesting. I'm anxiously looking forward to next spring. I think I will leave my gourds up till all activities cease for a week or two. No hurry
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Martin Colony History: 2021--12 pairs a mix of ASY and SY, 32 fledged!

Thank you all! This was my first year, so just checking to make sure, I'll probably take it down labor day next year.
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... No problem ... They will return next year.. I leave my housing up until the middle of September.. We have visitors stop by well pass the first week of August..

Sounds like you had a great season... Good Luck in 2022 ...

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