7 hatchlings (w/pic)

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Martin Colony History: 2010-2014 located in Slidell LA. Gourd rack with 16 gourds. Max of 2 pairs during this short period in Slidell. Plenty of fledglings.

2014-present.. moved to Broussard LA. Same Gourd Rack but added a 6 room house (modified from a 12 room)

2020: after a long drought of nothing, 4 pairs and 4 nests, 23 eggs total.
6 fledges.

2021: 9 pair, 47 eggs
36 hatchlings
30 fledged


I keep thinking I’m counting one twice.. but looks like 7 here. Hatched yesterday.

This is a room in an SK Barn with the mod to double the compartment sizes.

The parents will be very busy with these.
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