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Dave Duit
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Just passing on the info to those interested. I will try to post this info as I receive it in the future. You can also get this info on our Iowa Purple Martin Organization Website.

Bird Observation Conference Call

The second and fourth Monday of each month.

Time: 6:00 PM CT

Live dial in number: 712-432-8773 ID number IABIRDS# (4224737#)
Topic on April 26: "The American Woodcock"
Presented by: David Kline, Fredericksburg OH

David Kline, a retired farmer and observer of nature will share his observations of the American Woodcock, also known as the Timberdoodle.

Question and answer session following presentation.

Any questions call Evan Gingerich 319-359-0997
Future Topics:
May 10: "Attracting the Northern Flicker to your Property"
Ivan Ray Miller, Jamesport MO

May 24: "Bringing back Trumpeter Swans"
--Ron Andrews, Clear Lake IA

Past programs playback: 712-432-8774 ID number IABIRDS# (4224737#) then enter date code listed behind the program. You can press 6 to advance 2 minutes or press 4 to skip back 2 min.
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