Strengthening Pole

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Strengthening Pole

Postby Rafke77 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 9:44 pm

This is really a question for anyone with a 2 piece pole. I have the Troyer K24 setup. I have been packing everything away for the winter and took a look at the pole and realized there was a lot of play in 2 spots, and I could easily push and pull the top of the pole at least 4". That translates to a lot of rocking and serious stress in spots. First spot was where the two 8' sections connect, and second where it slides over the ground post. I'm thinking if I weld the two pieces together that should eliminate some flex. I should be able to eliminate the rest if I drill through the base post and through the concrete in the post under and just above the crank then push a bolt through. This should make the pole very stiff and place less stress on it during windy days, and storms. Anyone else do anything, or can suggest anything?

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