All in all a good season

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Martin Colony History: 2016- didnt know anything about martins, put up an all wrong house in 2016 and had two come by and inspect all the cavities. Left soon after not to return. Learned what i could on PMCA, made adjustments and next year was sucessful.
2017- 5 pair. 15 fledged.
2018-18 pair. 85 fledged.
2019- 17 pair. 81 fledged
Home colony: 17 natural gourds, one 6 compartment house. All SREH.
Satelite colony Oso bay preserve: 12 gourds: excluder, troyer horizontal, super gourds with tunnels. 6 room trio mino castle with enlarged compartments.
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Well been a very busy but good season, didnt post much at all, like giving my two cents for advice, lord knows i need it. Lost 3-4 martins to a stinking hawk early on, one of which was a returnee from last year, that was bad...fed his chicks by hand for a few weeks on and off cuz they were starving to death, he had lost his mate during the summer...was convinced he hated me. Would dive on site! Not much i could do about the hawk it would prey on them just after dawn when i was gone.

Alpha male from my first martin group of 5 is still here thankfully.
Had lots and lots of martins early on as they traveled through. Lors of martins. Sucess in large part is due to a good system and some solid natural gourds, venting, predator guards, crescents and WDC openings and more importantly, solid advice from a close friend and his wife and their support. Almost had the whole lonestar system birds and all come down straight on my head due to a bad spring! Could have been very bad, John Barrow saved the day with new springs-mans got everything folks. Advice and knowledge not least among them.

No starling pressure at all, they would look and go before i could shoot. Sparrows were bad but no losses, they got the message through the sights of a bb gun. We were blessed with rain and bugs!

Nest checks were crucial, changed wet nests, controlled mites and found a capped egg that sucessfully hatched.
Hand fed a young martin that was smaller then its nest mates, stuffed it with crickets twice then just decided to take it out of the 6 nestling group and put her in with like aged chicks with 3 nestlings, not able to tell them apart now. Took a chance there cuz they were SYs but they are doing ok.
81 chicks as of today, down from last year, lost some eggs and chicks to these young males! Other eggs just didnt hatch.
Almost fledging time for 10 chicks parents arent feeding them just watching over. Somehow word gets out and now lots of visitors here. Cant wait for fledging time!
Still have one nest with 7 day old chicks. Finally, well couldnt help myself and felt bad for a young pair so put up a natural gourd for them. No eggs yet but they are staying the night.
Solid systems, good housing, bug control, venting, fair weather, and advice to care for them are keys to sucess.

Got long winded but wish everyone a good season and sucess.

2016- two visitors
2017- 5 pair 15 Fledged
2018-18 pairs 85 Fledged
2019-17 pair 81 fledged

Satellite location: oso bay preserve 12 gourds, modified trio
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2019: 11 pairs
2018: 11 pairs - 43 fledged
2017: 4 pairs - 17 fledged

Sounds like an eventful year. Always something new to learn. I can say this for them, Purple Martins are never boring.

Fledge time is always bitter-sweet for me. I'm sad to see the young leave the nest but I'm happy and somewhat proud to have helped them get this far.

Here's to a successful end of season and lots of new Martins flying around!
"If at first you don't succeed, keep on suckin' till you do succeed." - Curly Howard
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