A Promising Start Pt. 2

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Location: West Central Saskatchewan
Martin Colony History: 2018 - First house up in late June, lots of visitors brought over by “Percy”, a very enthusiastic SY male.
2019 - 10 nests, 51 eggs, 41 hatched, 40 fledged.

flyin-lowe is correct, I’m using Flickr and it works ok. Somewhat of a pain in the butt to get set up and use, although it is currently free (both logo and real money) so that makes it worlds better than photobucket at the moment. I still haven’t figured out how to share video, although that might be due to the forum software and not Flickr itself.

The camera I’m using is a Nikon Coolpix P1000. The best camera on the planet IMO for the casual bird photographer due to the insane amount of zoom it has for a relatively reasonable price. There is also a P900 available for half the price and still has a crazy amount of zoom in a nice package.
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Location: Wellington, On, Canada (our summer place)
Martin Colony History: -Wife's family martin house shore Lake Ontario since 1967.
-2017 martin house taken over by starlings.
-2018 did research and purchased new martin house -Lonestar Alamo aluminum 14 compartment with perching rods and nest trays.
-2019 opened new martin house but frustrating season long battle with wily HOSPs (see posts) and martin visitors but no settlers.
-2020 Covid-19-honored request of locals that seasonal home owners stay away and only reached summer home too late to attempt to start colony. Aiming with determination and hope for next year.

Hi Farmer Harv,

I, along with many others, followed your posts with great interest last year and am hoping things went well in West Saskatchewan this year. Do you have any more of those great photos?

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