A Promising Start

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Re: A Promising Start

Postby FarmerHarv » Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:35 am

Thanks for the tips Archer! I picked up a couple of heated waterers and a good supply of mixed feed for the winter, but never thought of beef fat. Looking forward to getting a few new winter visitors and hopefully getting some good pictures.

We had almost three weeks without the annoying chirp of a single HOSP, but another swarm of at least 50 moved into the cotoneaster hedge a couple of days ago. :-( The DRSTs are doing good work and have bagged about half of them, and with luck they'll all be cleared up again soon. At least until the next batch moves in from town.

Since the HOSP were gone, I was amazed at how many finches and other sparrows we had that are able to hang out at the feeders and baths unmolested. House finches, Goldfinch, white crowned, lark and white throated sparrows are there in the dozens now...it's amazing what's been hidden under the house sparrow blanket here.

And to think all of this came about because a single purple martin landed on the shop one day. :)

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