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Need some help accessing the PMCA Forum's personal email feature? Once you have logged in to your account click on your username in the upper left side of the screen and select User Control Panel.
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In the User Control Panel click on the Board Preferences tab. Make sure you have yes selected for the "Users can contact me by email" and submit the changes. All forum accounts include this option, giving you the ability to communicate directly with other forum users if they have that option selected.
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The Mentor program contact emails are working, and other features of the website are being worked on as well, to improve the programs the PMCA offers to help landlords and Purple Martins.
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I just watched my new residents building a new home in North Central Alberta. We put the house up in a major wind storm to see if it would be able to take the wind and within one hour we had for Purple Martins piercing and two sets of swallows that were there in minutes.
Just had Happy hour and watched them bringing branches in and watched them Battle for the house. Sooooo fun to see and watch, I've been talking about this for years but didn't have time to start.
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