Sparrow Trap Placement

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Tom, I initially had the same problem with doves. What I done was mount the repeating trap on the side of a 6' wooden privacy fence about a foot from the top and a few feet from our other bird feeders. The doves only feed on the ground so they no longer mess with the trap. Since then I've been catching a boat load of sparrows.
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Thats good, Ill do that. Thank you. Currently, have it elevated about 2 feet off the ground resting on plywood. Its a tough time of year to trap, plenty of food around now so they aren't starving. But you caught 121 sparrows! Good gosh! Thats great! Ok I'm moving it!!

I have the mirror on the back of the feed trey- doves like to look at themselves apparently. Hope these sparrows do too! yesterday put a block of suet as bait to see how that goes; they really like that stuff. I had to put a bit of chicken wire at the entrance to shim it down for those doves. Maybe with their very own feeder those sparrows will get caught!
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