Tips & helpful info for the 2022 season

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Some suggested articles to read include one on staying safe, with tips for using pole systems ... fe-412.pdf

another about T14 pole innovations ... le-411.pdf

Here's one on all types of pole guards ... ds-410.pdf

and one on owl guards for gourds ... mo-408.pdf

one on the Lewis Modification—wing guards to help stop starlings ... ti-493.pdf

one about managing Tree Swallows (or bluebirds, flycatchers, etc.) that try to claim your martin housing ... cy-377.pdf

some about House Sparrow control ... yt-415.pdf ... rs-366.pdf ... ne-363.pdf

one about preparing natural gourds ... ip-403.pdf

and one on how to ID different types of nests you might find in your martin housing ... id-378.pdf

The PMCA's download center, ... ad-center/ contains more good articles for those looking for basic information. Here's one to read before you buy or build a martin house or gourd system: ... hs-254.pdf

And, this is a good time of year to mention the feeding guide you will find there - ... de-416.pdf

and another article that goes into more detail about methods to try ... ee-367.pdf

We hope this collection of information, all of which was previously published in the Purple Martin Update or posted on the website or Forum, wlll help landlords have safe and successful martin seasons.

PMCA member Matt F posted this info, and we are including it:

Sun Jul 24, 2011 10:46 pm Post subject: Updated link for list of rehabbers by state Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post View IP address of poster
Many of you may remember the highly valuable website, that listed many wildlife rehabbers by state. It was:
That site (given the domain name) was hosted by the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities.
Sometime towards the latter part of 2010, that site went offline, and there were no page redirects pointing to a replacement site.

After doing some searching, I found that exact list once again. It is now at:
That is a very valuable list to have bookmarked.
The home page, which has also links to the rehabber lists, and much more info, is:
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