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Martin Colony History: I live on Keystone Lake which is 25 miles west of Tulsa Oklahoma. For 2020 I will be offering: 1 Gemini rack with 12 Troyer Horizontal and 12 Troyer Vertical gourds, 1 Multi-Purpose pole with 2 Trio M12K houses with expanded compartments and 4 S&K Bo 11 Plus gourds with clinger tunnels, 1 Multi-Purpose pole with 2 Trio Mini-Castles with expanded compartments and 4 Troyer Vertical Gourds underneath, 1 MPP pole with 2 Trio MSS12 houses with expanded compartments, 3 Super gourds and 1 Excluder gourd underneath, 1 Fountain Gourd rack with 12 Troyer Vertical Gourds, 1 AAA16 rack with 8 Troyer Horizontal and 8 Troyer Vertical gourds, 1 rack with 3 S&K Double Gourds, 1 Trendsetter 16 house with 4 Troyer Vertical Gourds underneath and 1 S&K Barn style house with expanded compartments and 2 gourds underneath. This will be a total of 127 nesting cavities offered for 2020. Hopefully this will help to increase my numbers over 2019 which were 60 active pair that fledged 274 babies.

Do you all have the Project Martin Watch site working correctly now? When I went to update my fledge #'s it just reset them back to zero every time. I don't want to submit my final report until that is fixed.
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