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This goes out to all purple martin enthusiasts ,even though this event is held in iowa, we encourage everyone to attend!!read the madrid potluck thread, and the iowa thread for more info.
We all, as purple martin landlords know the importance of the raising of these birds, and their magestic flights to and from south america , and the flights they have made to come back to their breeding area, and their home.but even myself, i learn newthings, and for beginners who want to start their own colony, this events for you!. we will share information, you can talk to anyone about start up, how tos, and what ifs, housing, nesting ect, this is a informational gathering, for evreyone in a relaxed atmosphere, if you have a question, somone will be able to answer it.Iowa does not have a chapter at this time, but we will after the 25 th of august! please, if you read this , pass the message along, this is no different than our colonies--- more is better! hope to see you there!!
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