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Well I setout today to feed my martins. The weather has been cold and rainy for two days. I got everything ready and started down to do some serious cricket and mealworm feeding. When the martins seen me coming they all left their houses and landed on the electric line just above my head, and really started talking to me.....

I got real excited and knew these birds have been feed before.

Well there was something amiss, I could not get a cricket more than 4ft off the ground. I had this big-o honkin spoon an it was real limber so I thought it would really send it flyin. After about 25 or 30 miss fires my Martins all flew off. They were doing alot of talkin then to, but I think they were calling me names. I hate to ask this but....are you all using some special spoon? I kind of feel like a backward county pumpkin.

I hope someone will tell me what I did wrong.
Thanks Molly
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How about a blow-gun?

These come with an anti-inhale safety mouthpiece. :shock:

This is just the first one that came up on a google search.
I've never tried it. ... tid=124521

I had this big-o honkin spoon an it was real limber so
Pretty sure that is the problem here Molly, long & limber doesn't really "fling" well. Think of it kinda like trying to pry something with a cooked noodle. A wooden spoon, while you won't be able to bend it back, when you do let go of it- more energy is used to propel the food rather than staighten the spoon.

Note in Tim's feeding video he's using plastic spoon, but it's short & stout--not real limber. Get your wooden tea makin spoon and have at it again, I think it will make a big difference.
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Molly they ought to be alright with just these 2 days of cold weather. Suppose to be 65 tue, unless you want the practice. I'd start to worry after 3-4 days and they are calling for 60's the rest of the week, we should be alright...Tony
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Molly I didn't even know yours were back....yeah!! I have trained mine to eat out of a wooden feeder dish, if I need to be feeding them, then it is too cold for me to be out there with gloves trying to fling bugs. I lower the pole that has the feeder tray on it and just leave it down until they are done eating. Once one gets started they all figure it out and my porch sitter that hasn't figured out the SREH is still sitting outside. Poor guy he even sat out there these past two days during the rain/cold. It's been two weeks and he is still porch sitting. I don't know about him.
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hi molly, my name is jim i live in northeast ks. i agree with tony, i think they will be alright. it is 60 outside now, man do i like it. i had 2 martins this morning but they left ,i hope they come back this evening. the tree swallows are really buzzing around today since it warmed up. if you decide to try the blow gun by all means take pictures and pass them on i can't wait to see them! by the way is a backwoods county pumpkin the female version of a country bumpkin? have a nice day.



Yes, You are right, the ones in Kansas anyway. :roll: :roll: :roll:
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