Strange things my eyes are be holding here

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Unk Bond
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Martin Colony History: I have had 5

I have had 5 years of enjoying my martin bird colony.


Hello All
I now have 40 plus birds.
At 8 :Pm Ohio time I take time out from my Genealogy typing to watch the big air show here. That's when the show begins here .every evening.
I counted 12 martins sitting on top of the cross like shape rods on top of a aluminum pole

Now to the strangest thing I have observed so far. I have 6 mail boxes at the bottom of my top 12 gourds.
This night there were 15 bird setting on top of my curve top mail boxes. plus 3 or 4 perching on my mail box perches.

After seeing that A idea came to mine. A 4 inch strip or two 2 strips of Velcro or non skid tape length wise of each mail box to give them a better foot hold . [ Smile } Just a odd site . They seem to like my mail boxes more than my gourds.[ lATER
This time next year I will have a 1seperate 18 mail box rack
.Love to have had a flash picture of what I observed. [ Later
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