One compartment - Disappearing eggs

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On a 6/13 nest check on the Quad Pod house I had a mother (SY female) ride down and stay in the compartment. First time for me to see this. I never opened it but could see her through the SREH. There was one baby, just hatched, and 4 unhatched eggs. The nest was extremely thinly made and the eggs were nestled on the floor of the compartment. I continued with the other compartment checks and she stayed in.

On 6/18 I did another nest check and that same nest that had the SY female ride down last time was completely empty - no eggs or babies - just the same thinly made nest. The other Quad Pod nests appeared normal with same chick counts as previous but one other compartment that had 5 unhatched eggs (another SY pair with an extremely thin nest) had eggs moved out of place like they had rolled.

My question is - what happened to the 4 eggs and baby that disappeared, which was the compartment that the SY mother rode down in on 6/13. Would a mother that felt threatened try to move a 1 day old baby and 4 eggs or abandon that nest? I think a snake is unlikely that it would have only taken eggs/babies from that compartment. Appreciate any thoughts or anyone that’s had a similar experience.
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