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I have been amazed by my newly returned (April 26) colony. There has been major construction work on my entire block with large equipment and many people milling all around the pole.

I have photos of the birds chattering and flying all around the equipment. Under and over the long arms while the buckets and shovels were digging away.

I can’t get my photos to post. They are too big. I took them with my iPhone and am trying to post them from the iPhone.

Can someone point me to a way to resize them?
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Good morning.

Email the photo to yourself. Once that is done, download it and save it. Once that is done, open the photo and go to the tools tab. Click on "adjust size". The very top box will have a number in the "width" field and it sometimes is in the 20 range or maybe in the 15 range. Just change that to anything between 7 and 9 and hit "ok" at the bottom. All the other boxes will automatically adjust and therefore, It'll resize the photo. When you type your message go to the bottom and select add files. Then select this photo from your file list and hit ok. Before you publish your post you can preview it. The final thing to know is that a photo will not post if you do not have any text in the message. If you don't have anything to say just type something like "here's the photo" and it'll publish.

I do not know how to resize a photo and then directly post from the iPhone. I'm not that smart.

I hope that helps.

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They are amazing. You fear the worst, yet the martins do ok. Id be worried with the heavy equipment, but have seen pictures of martin housing at a big construction site. Glad your birds are good, like to see the pictures!!

My neighbor has a small 3 cavity house, last year they put a bouncy castle right next to it! Martins didnt like it one bit but after settled right down. I didn't like it either 😕 and settled down after the birds did.
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I just right click the photo and depending on what version of windows you have you can hit the "edit button" or open the picture with microsoft paint. Once it paint hit the resize button at the top and then drop the pixels down. I think the forum has the limit set at 500 pixel max on any side. Here is a short but accurate video on how to do it.

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