Summary of my 2020 season, my third

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Martin Colony History: 2018 will be my first try. 6 S&K B09s. 29 eggs - 8 fledged
2019 - 12 Troyer Horizontals with tunnels, 6 S&K B09s and 12 B011s all with tunnels. 43 eggs - 36 fledged
2020 - Rack 1 - 6 B011s, Rack 2 - 24 B011s, and Rack 3 - 24 Troyer Horizontals. All gourds have tunnels, porches and crescent/Conley 11 entrances; racks have predator guards. 161 eggs - 88 fledged

Completed the 14th and last nest check yesterday. The last two chicks in Lower 12 on Rack 3 have taken to the sky.
Rack 1 (6 B011s) - 29 eggs and 25 fledglings. Rack 2 (24 B011s) - 95 eggs and 44 fledglings. Rack 3 (24 Troyer Horizontals) - 35 eggs and 19 fledglings.
Rack 1 finished its 3rd season. It was the first to get attention this season and was filled with ASY parents. All 6 gourds had nests; 5 produced young. Rack 2 was disappointing. Had only a 46% eggs to young ratio but this rack also had a lot of SY parents. One grourd had 11 eggs (egg dumping by immature females?); 4 other gourds had 5 egg clutches, produced no young and three gourds had 4 and 5 egg-clutches with only a single fledgling resulting from each. Rack 3 had 6 gourds that produced young; 3 others had 1 egg each, all infertile. Egg to fledgling ratio was only 54% but this is my newest rig. Seems like new racks need a season before occupancy begins to increase.
Total for the season was 159 eggs, 96 hatchlings and 88 fledglings. I attribute the 55% egg to fledgling ratio to young parents - infertile eggs. I didn't find any young thrown out of the nests by SYs, had no avian nor reptilian predation. Coons and possum on my property are more interested in my garbage cans than my martin racks!
All my gourds are empty now and I'm going to leave my racks up until the end of August. As I was completing my nest check yesterday, I watched 8 to 10 martins circling and singing overhead. They were telling me, "Good by Grand Pa. We'll see you next season and bring some more tenants from Brazil! Thanks for the accommodations!"
Happy Martining, Mike
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Martin Colony History: First year

Interesting read and much helpful advice, I do not feel “warm & fuzzy” on the single gourd with only 3 eggs. This is my first year and the more I read I realize the ratio is not in my favor. I have noticed last couple fo days 3 Martin flying around and more activity of entering the gourd. I do a nest check every 5 days.
2020 one pair, 3 eggs & 3 fledge
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