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Has anyone spotted birds yet? Looking but haven't seen any, the house is up and ready for my babies.
Mike Mack
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Have really had a lot come in yesterday even with that bad weather and more today. About 25 miles southeast of Temple. Way the weather looks they should just keep pouring in.
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2018- 2 pair, 12 fledged
2019 - 4 pair, 21 fledged
2020 - 15 pair, 67 fledged

The winds turn out of the South Friday and Saturday and continue through Sunday from the border of Texas/Mexico. For Saturday, the winds are out of the North East blowing across the gulf From Florida to Louisiana into Mexico. Sunday and Monday the winds change from the South blowing up from the Yucatan Peninsula along the Mexico coast into Texas. On Monday the winds are out of the South all the way from South America but, at that time, Texas will have winds out of the West colliding with these winds out of the South along the Texas coast then flowing into Louisiana.

Like mIke Mack said, Martins should start pouring in.

Courtesy of Windy.com There are tabs at the bottom that allow you to see the forecast. Check it out if you haven't already. Pretty cool.

Probably something you already know but I believe when I type about it, the Martins will start coming in. :grin:

Emil Pampell-Tx
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We have about 25, just too many to count more accurately. First arrived Feb 1 (first day that I saw him)
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Rodger Drye
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Great to hear you already have bird’s. It snowed here two days ago so I’m not really excited to see any Martin’s. Hopefully they’ll start coming in soon. I have a neighbor who lives about 15 miles from me and he already has bird’s.

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