Passing through central texas

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Mike Mack
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A lot of extra visitors this morning, but when they came in from feeding looks like most had moved on northward. The way they are all acting their getting plenty to eat.
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Thats good to hear. Make sure you keep plenty for yourself. :) Thanks for giving them a stop off point on their journey North. Living in Missouri I wonder what the flight path of the birds that come back to my colony is. Do they all even enter the United States through the same fly pattern. Makes me go Hmmmm.
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Martin Colony History: I have been exposed to purple martin sounds in utero when my mother went out to get my father away from his martin colony.
I played around the martin colony every summer and watched as my father maintained his colony. In the late 50's until the 70's he did not notice European Starlings in south Texas.
When old enough, I helped maintain his colony. My primary task was eliminating English House Sparrows with a 1956 Benjamin 317 .177 air rifle.
When I settled into my own home, I started my first colony with an original Trio Castle and Trio Grandpa. When I moved again, I did not put up any martin houses. Frustration with European Starlings in the Southeast US was overwhelming.
Found PMCA Forum and learned about modern enlarged compartments and SREHs.
Inherited my father's last martin house, a Trio Grandma, modified it to modern specifications and have had good results since then.

I would assume that Missouri is divided with eastern 2/3 of the Missouri purple martins primarily migrating up the Mississippi Flyway and the western 1/3 of Missouri purple martins migrating up the Texas Flyway.
Of course, that is pure speculation and geographic topography will also affect the migration patterns.
As an extreme example, the Rocky Mountains and Smoky Mountains are a major factor in purple martin migration patterns.
Firm believer in HOSP/EUST Control, Enlarged Compartments, SREHs, Pole Predator Guards, Owl/Hawk Guards, Mite/Parasite Control, Housing Insulation, and Vents for Compartment Cooling.
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Martin Colony History: Started colony in 2014. First pair to stay and raise young in 2018.

I live in East Tennessee are the Smokey Mountains the primary reason that the PM get here so much later than surrounding states. It seems like the Knoxville TN area is the last part of the state to get our martins back home. JHCox
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