House/gourd placement in Florida

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Martin Colony History: I tried unsuccessfully to be a purple Martin landlord in Missouri. I am now going to try again in Florida

I have tried for many years to be a purple Martin landlord with no success. I am now trying again in Central Florida. My question is, how close can the house/gourds be to my pool cage?
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Martin Colony History: 2016- didnt know anything about martins, put up an all wrong house in 2016 and had two come by and inspect all the cavities. Left soon after not to return. Learned what i could on PMCA, made adjustments and next year was sucessful.
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Hi and welcome! How high is the pool cage? Use the standard of 40 feet from obstructions. If it cant be moved or lowered pick the clearest spot for your house. Some folks have one flyway in and one out, so its not a hard science...attracting them to your site is the hard part. Again welcome,

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due to property size I put a house up within 20 ft of our pool cage and about the same distance from our house last year. had 2 pair last year and 6 this year.
Our situation is probably unique as we live on a golf course fairway in Cocoa Beach. Wide open flyway,however, many martins would fly over the cage and swoop down to the house. Didn't seem to bother them.

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