2019 Year End Report

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G Saner
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Martin Colony History: Fort Worth, TX (1967-1976), The Colony, TX (1981-1985), Carrollton, TX (1986-2013), Kerrville, TX (2015-present).

Two SuperGourd poles (12 gourds on each) at River Point Assisted Living Center.

This was our best year at River Point Assisted Living Center. I started the colony in 2016 with one pole of 12 gourds. That year, I also installed a pole of gourds at a second assisted living center. When the other center failed to attract martins, I moved the second pole to River Point in 2018. This doubled the gourd count to 24.

The River Point site is nearly perfect. No trees for at least 80 yards and only 100 yards from the Guadalupe River. The site is so open, the martins often approach the gourds only a few feet above the ground so they can fly up and under the owl guards. The gourds can be seen from both the dining room and the activity room. The residents can see the birds while they eat and lay claim to the best tables for watching the martins.

This year we hosted 22 pair of martins and fledged 115 babies. Since 2016, our pair totals have increased from 4 to 11 to 21 to 22. Our fledgling numbers have increased from 13 to 52 to 89 to 115. The first year we didn't see a martin until March 29 then March 18 in 2017. The last two years had arrival dates of February 19 and February 14.

I think the colony has reached maturity after 4 years. In 2019, we only had room for one pair of SY martins. The prior two years attracted 5 pair of SY birds each. I have no doubt that a third pole of gourds would be full but prefer to push our fledglings out to new colonies. Twenty-four gourds is about what I can handle. I also do three presentations a year for the residents. I do one at the beginning of the year then one on eggs and another on the babies.

I hope your martin season was as good as ours.
G Saner
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Location: Wellington, On, Canada (our summer place)
Martin Colony History: -Wife's family martin house shore Lake Ontario since 1967.
-2017 martin house taken over by starlings.
-2018 did research and purchased new martin house -Lonestar Alamo aluminum 14 compartment with perching rods and nest trays.
-2019 opened new martin house but frustrating season long battle with wily HOSPs (see posts) and martin visitors but no settlers.
-2020 Covid-19-honored request of locals that seasonal home owners stay away and only reached summer home too late to attempt to start colony. Aiming with determination and hope for next year.

I am really impressed, not only by your success in support of the Purple Martin population in your area, but also very much by your thoughtfulness and kindness in locating your colony on the grounds of an assisted living facility and then going to the trouble of making several informative presentations to the residents throughout the season so the whole experience will be more meaningful and enjoyable for them.

The world needs more people like you (and like many of the people whose posts on this forum show a caring).

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