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A couple weeks ago I watched the Eagles of Decorah on public TV. Wow, what a powerful story. This kind of centered around one man's (Mr. Anderson) dedication to these majestic birds. This makes our job of caring for Purple Martin's seem not quite so labor intensive. The original nest was blown down in a wind storm, and they built a man made nest nearby to where the old one was, and the Eagles accepted it. Amazing! If they can do that for Eagles, we should be able to build sites all over the place for PM's. Food for thought. Come on folks we can do this!
2012 late start
2013 nothing yet, lots a lookers
2014 Bust again
2015 Bust again
2016 Bust again
2017 Bust again
2018 April 14 a group joined me, but moved on after a week
2019 Had SY male seriously check me out but didn't stay
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2021......to be seen.
24 natural gourds on a satellite rack,9 other gourds scattered around
2-12 compartment trio houses
Rarely see a sparrow or starling,but when I do they don’t last long!
Will have a second satellite rack for the 2022 season and phase out the houses,the martins here strongly prefer natural gourds.

Phldave, I almost choked when I read your post! Your” food for thought”strikes home with me dude. I think I’ll go next door to the rat bird landlord and ask to erect a house and gourds! I have an extra in the shed...WOW.
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