Martins on my Hybrid Multi house unit

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My season started out the best ever until the last week of May and 1st week of June when my colony took a big hit due to cold night time temps, wind and rain for days on end.The bad weather hit with many eggs in the nests and chicks less than 10 days old. I'm very thankful there are still good numbers of martins here even though my percentages are down
Here's a picture from this morning

This is a shot from mid July
~Ray~ Gingerich
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Martin Colony History: Had a colony many years ago which dwindled over a couple of years and then did not return. Kept trying each year for almost 20 years and finally had a small success in 2011 with two pairs nesting. Colony has grown slowly each year with 22 pairs in 2015. In 2016 my gourd rack of 18 gourds filled up so I added 4 more gourds and then put up a small rack of 6 gourds. All of those were claimed within a few days so I believe I have at least 25 pairs this year.

Beautiful photos Ray! I have tried to capture a photo like yours with martins in flight around the racks but so far no luck. I too lost many eggs during that same time period but still have a nice colony raising their babies. :)
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