Northeast Kansas Martin March 13

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Earliest arrival for my colony yet beating my earliest date by 2 days. This male arrived while it was below freezing and looked a little droopy. Was gone all day out finding food I am sure. Expecting a warm up for a couple of days so he should find something to eat. I am ready to feed him and any others that show up if needed. My chickens are giving me plenty of eggs so they will come in handy. Best to all this season and let's hope this drought begins to improve!!
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Hi Dawn:

I know your early arrivals will be well taken care of. Have a good season.

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Hi back at ya, Tim!! Thanks and I truly hope you get martins again!!
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Congrats on the arrival.. next few days are suppose to be warm. good luck. More KS is more better!
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Thanks. :grin: :grin:
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Exciting news, Dawn! The earliest mine came back to Leavenworth County was 03/19 last year. It looks like they're even earlier this year! I raised my housing this morning and opened three compartments. I'm actively trapping sparrows so I wanted to limit the number of openings so I can manage my trapping. Maybe this south wind will blow a few more in!
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Hello fellow Kansans! Last year my first ASY male was 3/15 and in 2011 it was on 4/2. The initial early reports had me eager but ready. Nothing here yet (I'm 80 miles west of Wichita). This weeks' weather is beautiful with a nice soft southerly breeze. I know it is any day now. I keep myself busy but...have been keeping my eye to the sky. Congrats, Dawn! I am glad he arrived with some decent feeding weather too.
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Congrats Dawn!! Six in residence here at my colony.. Always cool to get the first one home..
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Thanks all! He was flying high and enjoying the warm weather yesterday. I could hear him like crazy sounding like they do when there is a female around. Saw 3 flying but didn't see them dart in last night so don't know if they are all mine or not. :)
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