OKC martin roost gets okay to remain!

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Louise Chambers
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Good news! Word has been received from the Bank of Oklahoma that they will let the martin roost remain and instead of taking steps to disperse the roost, will focus their efforts on clean up instead. The bank deserves a big thank you from everyone who asked them to reconsider and let the roost remain.
Peggy Riley
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That's really good news! Finally someone with some sense has listened.
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NIce.. is there a best place to contact?
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John Miller
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I am deeply appreciative.

John Miller
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that's fantastic news!
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Thanks for the word, Louise. Now, if we want to extend our appreciation and gratitude to the Bank of Oklahoma, how should we go about it?
Louise Chambers
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There is an email link on BOK's web page:

https://www.bankofoklahoma.com/en/Other ... ailus.page

I know that's not very satisfying, but I do not have a bank officer's name. All the conversation we had went through a PR staff person.

But, please do send thank you messages to let them know that we appreciate their change in position.
Tim Mangan-Kansas
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Would it be possible for the PMCA to submit an ad, a large one, in the OK City newspaper lauding and thanking the bank for their decision. If existing funds were not available, I am sure, once the cost for the ad was made known, many of us would send a check to the PMCA to cover the cost.

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Check is in the mail. Great idea. Even if the ad isn't run, I am sure PMCA will use the donation wisely. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO, PMCA!
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Louise, Thanks for a positive update on the OKC roost!
I sent an e-mail to the bank, praising and thanking them for allowing the roost to remain.
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I also sent them an e-mail thanking them.
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