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So my little buddies' second nest, in one of the gourds, has produced one egg today! Yessss!! But i noticed on my check this afternoon, that the egg was laid on the bare floor of the BO 11. So I added a bit of pinestraw and placed the egg on top of it. I basically covered the floor for mom. What effect, if any, will she perceive of this addition to her home? I hope they don't abandon because of it, but I figured they needed to keep the kids off the bare floor! But hey, what do I know, Im not a bird, So what do you think? All should be good right? (can you tell thats what I want to hear? Ha!). Ive read where the sy's nests arent the best construction as they are classified as the teenager group, and have to go thru the learning process......??
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I did the same thing with my first pairs nest this year. Don't think they noticed anything out of the ordinary. I hope those 4 eggs will be hatching by next weekend. My first year too.
Good Luck,
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I don't know why they sometimes lay eggs in a bare spot in our gourds. I provide pine needles in the gourds for them, but they make a nest and lay the eggs on the bare plastic...I just let them do what they want, I am sure that they will figure out all the right things. Every pair is different, that all have their own characteristics.
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I think you did good, Waydog. I've added nesting material many times to an inadequate nest. I believe the parents will have no problem with your addition to their nest.
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Good! I hope so! Next year, I will pre-nest. Debbie- Im right behind you I think. My first should be hatching about the 20th.
Thanks again for your replies!
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they should adapt fine. you did the right thing. ive inspected nests late in the yr, and if i suspect mites in their,( on my birds) i remove the nests, clean the room , and ad pine needles, corn shucks, rebuild it so the nest is at the back, , and they seem to adapt fine., i should have said , i do this twice, i make two nests, one in a small bucket. , and one for the new room. when i clean out the room, i place them in the bucket nest , til i can rebuild the one in the main house. after the house is rebuilt, i move them over, i wear clear rubber gloves when doing so. and they seem to adapt fine, but idont waste no doing so. things are ready to go before the switch
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