have to have AT LEAST 1 more bird in Ks.

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I was up to 9 birds at my site, then yesterday I had to pull one shoe off to count because I now have 13, JEEZ you can't have that terrible number!!!! If I get 1 more I will have as many as I had last year!! I also do not do nest checks, because I had one of those cheap telescoping poles that got bent with some strong Ks. wind and lost 2 eggs. So at my place I have my houses on 8" diameter poles except the 1 with the restraightened pole(its coming down next year after they get used to my new house) I just think stronger is better( even though I have to drag the ladder out to get up there) for the birds safety.The houses are cleaned out yearly,I have predator guards, SREH openings, and I use a 12 guage for sparrow removal I let nature take it's course as far as nest checks,I don't see anything wrong with doing them,I just don't want to disturb the birds and it would be harder off of a ladder to do. I hope I didn't make anyone mad this is just my opinion, as I think everyone has a right to one, even Lucky, I listen diligently to her opinions(and she has them on EVERYTHING) and then go outside and get real busy so I can forget what she said!! Speaking of opinions my daughters bought me a tee shirt that I really haven't figured out what it means yet, it says on the front, EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO MY OPINION, Lucky really likes that shirt hmmm. Have a nice day and someone send me 1 martin please! Jimnks
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Hi Jim! I'm up to 55 birds, so I guess I could spare one. :lol:

You didn't specify whether you need a male or a female? If I can convince them to leave Licking (there is a lot of food here, ya know), then I'll send one your way!

I don't think you offended anyone...everyone has to row their own boat to get where they are going! :lol:

Wow, it is really yucky weather here!! :-(
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Jim, I do nest checks at my site, it's a lot of work but if you have the time and the ability to do them I think it's a good thing, but that's entirely up to the individual. During my nest checks I have found things wrong which I was able to correct and would not have noticed without the checks. One year I found a subfloor had tipped up during a storm blocking the nesting compartment, the martins had stuffed nesting materials under the floor in an attempt to gain access and last year I found several nests infested with swallow bugs.
Speaking of .12 gauge for sparrows, today at Wal Mart I found a box of shells 50% less noise and recoil than regular shells, I use .20 gauge, would like to try them but could not find any in that gauge.
I think you will get your extra bird or birds before another day goes by :grin:
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Hi Yall (I seen that word on here, I think hhamm posted it, I love it cause it is very easy to type, cause I ain't breaking no speed records typing and I think it covers you'ins and we'ins and everybody else!)
Kathy, thank you for offering to send me a martin I know one would hate to leave the dragonfly deli deluxe, I have the bug buffet supreme up here though, as far as if I need a male or female, it took me forever to count them, now you want me to sort them ? I'll take either gender,I ain't picky, by the way I liked that thing about the boat, also I wish I could do them little funny face deals you always put in your posts!
Ray, I check my bluebird houses but my martin houses I would have to use a ladder and I might do more harm than good, I would worry about losing eggs or nestlings up 12' in the air. I don't need any 12 gauge shells with less noise I need them with more shot, I shoot 8's looking for 9's.
Thank Yall for the response,Have a nice day, now I have to go look up condescending in the dictionary! Jimnks
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