to hang gourds below Trendsetter

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Could someone please tell me how to attach a few Troyer horizontal gourds below my Trendsetter 12? My 12-gourd rack has become so popular in it's second season that I'm afraid I'll have to put the No Vacancy sign in my central Florida yard soon if I don't add more housing! (Next year I'll expand the gourd rack.)
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Matt F.
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I have seen some photos from forum member John Miller, that shows his Trendsetter houses with some gourds being hung from the porch rails, on the bottom floor.
Hopefully he'll enter in here also.

EDIT: I found one of John's photos. I hope he doesn't mind me re-posting it. It shows how he attached the gourds to his Trendsetter.
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John Miller
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I have evolved (grin) some in my techniques for hanging gourds below Trendsetters. probably want to get the PMCA horizontal gourd hangers for Trendsetter houses. I use a few of these holders for vertical gourds below Trendsetters. The holders are very functional and strong, but with two reservations. They hold the gourds "out" from the house quite a bit and I prefer a more compact look for public sites, but I probably worry too much. Second, you have to cut a notch in house front edge to get the bracket to fit. So..I use these on one house but have continued hanging most grouds below most other houses at various locations with wire.

On the wired natural gourds, I use no. 10 solid strand wire, which is hard to find. I get a multiple strand electrical wire and strip it out. I then use my needle nose pliers to run a loop around two different porch railings, and...sorry, long winded...I now run a loop around the neck of the gourd to keep it from whipping in the wind. (see photo). My natural gourds have a PVC tube through the neck to block water, and the wire through the tube...but unless the gourd is further secured, it may whip or rock a lot in the wind.

I don't know if you can use wire to secure the horizontal gourds below Trendsetters -- Carlton here may probably can wire these, but may need to loop some around it all the way or it will really flip in the wind. I would not wire very heavy plastic gourds to the naturals are pretty light.

Hope these ideas help some. Check out the photo. Aren't these just the coolest birds that ever evolved?!

John M
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Martin Colony History: I moved to South Florida, from Delaware, in August of 2015.

I will have 2 MSS-8 houses, with Excluder entrances, here on my condo grounds. This season I will also have two Deluxe Gourd Racks with 24 Excluder Gourds with Modified Excluder entrances. In our condo development, along the lake in a different section, I have 8 Excluder Gourds hanging from 84 inch Shepherd's Hooks with predator guards.

At Quiet Waters Park, nearby in Deerfield Beach, I care for a Deluxe Gourd Rack with 12 TVG's. I also care for a Deluxe Gourd rack with 12 Excluder gourds with Modified Excluder entrances.

At another local park, Tradewinds Park at Coconut Creek, care for a Trendsetter 12, 5 gourds rack with 60 Excluder gourds with Modified Excluder Entrances and 1 Deluxe Gourd Rack with 12 Troyer Vertical Gourds with wing guards over the Conley II to keep out smaller starlings.

I was in the yard all day getting my Trendsetter 8, Delux Gourd Racks (12) two of them and modified MSS8 out. It was a big job but of course it is a labor of love. Beautiful, clear, spring day here too! I used all Troyer Horizontal Gourds with tunnels and SREH. Raised porches.

I have never attached any Troyer Horizontal Gourds to a house. I have always put a rod through them.

My tree swallow, in my front yard, always nests in a T.H. gourd with a Clinger entrance and no porch. I saw a tree swallow feeding over my yard today but I did not see him go to his gourd.
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Martin Colony History: Started tying in 2001 finally got 3 pair in 2003. Since then I had a steady increase to the 34 pair I now host in 2 Watersedge Suites 1 Trendsetter,and 12 plastic gourds.

Here is how I did mine. The rods are some 3/8" aluminum perch rod that came with a Multi-Purpose pole. I drilled out 4 of the rivets holding the plastic slider to the bottom of the house then used those holes to bolt short pieces of 3/4" aluminum angle to the house. The rods go thru 3/16" eye bolts on the corners of house. You could use 3/8"theaded rod instead of the aluminum rod. Would probably be easier to find.
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Thanks guys for all the great advice. There's nothing like a good close up picture to make things perfectly clear. My handy husband and I will give it a try this weekend and see if we can come up with something similar that will work with the extra horizontal Troyers we have. We had a flush of starlings earlier in the season so we quickly ordered a dozen new gourds with Conley entrances. Now that we've disposed of the starlings, we've got extra round entrance gourds we'd like to make use of. Hope you all have a great season. The nest building began this morning here in central Florida!
There is no greater thrill than interacting with nature. Fledged 144 in 2014.
Dennis F.
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Click on the PMCA shop and arrow down on the left to Gourd Accessories,
then click on Gourd Hanging Arms with the picture of the red & white house on top of it. Then arrow down to horizontal. I used these arms on my Lone Star Alamo for the Troyer Horizontal Gourds and I am well pleased with the price and quality. Actually I believe you will find these advertised on purple martin websites as Trendsetter Horizontal Hanging Arms at a higher price. They are $29.00 here at PCMA shop. You can install the arms in any position you desire. [/url]
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