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Hey Yall,

Heard a loud commotion this morning. Looked out my dining room window and my PM house was covered in PMs. They were squawking and fighting. Toughy was having a fit. There were martins on my electric line watching the show. I was really saying YABBA DABBA DOO. Then in a couple of hours all tore out of here but 2. They were headed NE so you guys and gals in Kansas and Missouri, they are coaming your way. That was the biggest group today but smaller numbers have been going through all day.
How in the world do they decide on who goes and who stays?

So it's not over till it's over. They are still uh coming. :lol:
Don't give up!!!

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Yippie..................I will take as many that want to come!! :grin: :grin: Subbies usually get here the first week in May (NE Kansas)!

Dawn :grin:
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Hi Harley,
Thanks for the report!

Thought I would let you know - George and Sox finally stopped fighting after 2 days. Man, it was awful. They were in & out of different boxes, dropping to the ground, on the porches. But they now take off and come home together with their girlfriends....just like old drinking buddies, even encouraging each other to land if one makes it home first! Hang in there with Toughy!! :grin:
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Had to take a quick trip to Tulsa this morning and back to Springfield MO area. First trip since we've seen a PM, and I was really searching after daylight, esp whenever I saw a colony, but I sure didn't see your nest seekers :-( and they weren't here when we got back either :-( :-( . If they don't arrive by tomorrow, I"m gonna call Judge Judy!
Keep 'em comin'
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