Starlings get through factory crescent

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RC Moser
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Postby RC Moser » Fri May 04, 2007 11:52 pm

Sorry, Matt I don't have the tools or know how to post a big picture on the fourm. I have to reduce it a lot to post. Email and I'll Try to send it directly to you through cyber space.

I never tried the excluder II's yet that's only one I haven't plotted on graf paper.

RC Moser
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Do we really want holes that starlings can't get in?

Postby RC Moser » Sun May 06, 2007 10:57 am

Ok, hear are some questions for ya all if interested. For the ones that don't know starlings are similar is size to PM. PMs are longer, a tad narrower, have larger wings or soaring, and sleeker in body design. With this in mine as most of us know it's hard to totally block them and enable the martin to get through the hole easily.

Starlings are real aggressive and will torchier them self in their quest to get into a cavity. PMs are timid and non-aggressive in comparsion to the starlings nest seeking habits.

With this in mind a totally restrictive hole designed to keep the starling out and let the PM in comes with problems. Of course being able to know the starling cannot get through the hole no matter what he does is peace of mind to most all of us.

IMO the main problem I see are restrictive holes are less in area meaning NO room around the PM or little room (one or two MMs) Less area seems to incur problems like hard to get nesting material in, harder to exit and enter. I guess what I'm asking do we really want a hole that has all these limitations and more if anybody else can think of any to have peace of mind knowing starling can't get in???? Why aim I asking all of the, I believe there is a hole shape that will totally block starlings and let PMs in somewhat easy. Easy is subjective to some of us.

Matt F.
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Postby Matt F. » Sun May 06, 2007 11:20 am

I'm getting excited RC.

Your testing and research is awesome!

Al Denton
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Postby Al Denton » Sun May 06, 2007 4:19 pm

Don't tell me's a 1 82/128" round hole :)
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Re: Starlings get through factory crescent

Postby philsand » Tue Jan 14, 2020 2:23 pm

The following is based on a one year experience out of forty years having martins, an overgeneralization I admit.
I bought large gourds with the crescent entrances that year. The Starlings loved them. I got rid of the gourds because of that. Also for the first time I had trouble with a pair of Crescent Fly Catchers.
Both species were passionate about those gourds. I have found it is much easier to discourage unwanted birds if I am using gourds with round entrances.
I am sure the large interior was a factor, but I also suspect that the small openings made the gourds more desirable. I went back to the smaller gourds with round entrances. Now I have the problems that hawks can easily reach the young. So I am switching to deeper gourds with the round entrances.
I live in town. Shooting a gun in town is no option.
Since I have time and I am motivated I have found that by acting like a predator, a cat for instance, I can stalk unwanted birds away within a few days. I very slowly stalk them wherever they go. Plus throw something when they get high in a tree. Sparrow and Starling females get very nervous and leave. The martins are not bothered since they are comfortable with me.

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