Huber sparrow trap

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Stumbled on the designs for the Huber sparrow insert trap. Going try to make a few, look simple but if anyone has had experiences I'd like to hear.

Iv got 3 nest box traps up, one I made with the van ert trap other 2 from PMCA. They work great. Iv read lots and lots of old posts looked on blue bird landlord sites as well, and applied the ideas of presentation (placement, making it look used, painting all white, painting black false holes, porches, putting their nesting material under it, even got some colored twine coming from the hole, oh and stapled white feathers to the inside directly across from the hole).

Have 3 more ready to deploy at our satellite site, was planning on van ert but if I can make Huber traps work ill use those.
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Thanks for the info, Tom..
Happy hunting!
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