First Ever ASY MALE

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Yesterday morning a ASY male showed up at my site. He came around 8:00 AM & stayed over 1-1/2 checking out the ones I opened. Since I am a site with no colony for over 7 years with TS I have followed the pre-planning article by Dan Drew. The PM came in and out all morning and the TS seemed to be OK with his presence. Of course they have been busy checking out the new house I built over the winter months and defending it from other TS. This morning the PM showed up at 7:00 ...checking out the ones I have open. The TS were on the perch right near him with no problems. Dawn song playing. Perhaps the ASY will bring some SY ....I'm waiting


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Great news Garry. If he decides to stay for good he shouldn't have any trouble finding a mate and will probably draw in other pairs as well. Good Luck
Jeff Dean
Ed Pace
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Don’t be too surprised if your Treeswallow has a change of heart when your PM brings a female around. I break up that relation ship before it causes you a lot of problems. Just my thoughts
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If I am reading correctly the TS already have claimed their own house (no the PM house) and are only perching near the PM house? If that is the case you should be OK. My TS perch near the PM's a lot and they don't have issues. The good news is, if that ASY males sticks around it can be like an instant colony. If an ASY female does find him an SY female will. I would guess you will start seeing more visitors soon, they can draw in a croud.
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Hi glfriend,
Congrats on your first martin. I will pray for a mate to show up and maybe start a colony.
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I'm excited but cautious especially on the TS. In answer to flyin-lowe post...... the TS are flying in and out of the new house I built for them this year. They are protecting this house from other TS & anything else....however they are not focused on nest building. TS is not bothering the PM at all...I even have a picture of the three of them perched side by side. I have opened up two gourds near their nest (its 35 feet away) I watch them when PM is not around and have not seen them enter the gourds. I check the gourds near them quite often during the day for any evidence. If I see evidence of entry I will close them off until the PM returns. The dawn song is played every morning. I have thought I should close the gourds near the TS house but because these are the horizontal & know PM'S like them (which this one is investigating) I keep it open. So what do you think given the situation open or close? Open only when PM shows up.
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Sounds like you are doing everything right, if the Tree Swallows keep to their own nest, I would keep them open. Once the Tree Swallows drops some eggs into their nest you can open all the rest of your gourds.
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Its been three days & I have not seen the ASY. I assume he is out feeding & perhaps looking for a female??
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Dont panic just yet, they do that. They show up, create a ruckus for a bit to make sure we have not been asleep while they have been traveling and take off. Might be a few days before he returns.
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They will spend most of the day as you suggested out feeding and looking for a mate. Keep an eye out for him early morning and from dusk until dark. They can slip in and out very quickly.
Jeff Dean
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