Is It Unusual For ASY Males To Pair With SY Females

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Greetings Fellow PM Landlords,

For the 2nd year, ASY males are pairing with SY females. I name the males "Chester the Molester", LOL! Is this normal/typical behavior by Purple Martins?

Terry - in the small town of Buckhead, GA

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They usually pair with the first females that arrive, but will pair with a SY female if they haven't found a mate. They always will get a SY female it is the SY males who really have the uphill battle getting a female. A lot of new colonies will have the one SY male working hard but fail to get a female. ASY males can show up and always bring in a female.
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Last year lost an ASY female just before egg laying, the ASY male quickly attracted a SY female. They had 5 eggs (little late)
and fledged them all.
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