Landloards in Cedar Creek or Bastrop Texas area

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Martin Colony History: None as of Oct 2020, hoping to become a landlord in 2021

I'm just curious if there are any landlords in Cedar Creek or Bastrop Texas, or near here. I'm trying to become a new landlord and I haven't seen any Purple Martin houses in my area (Cedar Creek). I live in the country and was hoping maybe a Sub-Adult would visit my houses and decide to stay. I'll be playing the Dawnsong all day around the end of January hoping to get a few scouts to visit and maybe stay. I guess I'm a little too anxious to get to be a landlord. Thanks
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Hi alfie,
I wish you the best in 2021. Sometimes it may take a few years before getting that first pair of martins. Thanks for helping the martins out by placing housing for our purple friends.
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I am not familiar with the area you are in, but with that being said don't rule out an ASY bird starting your colony. It is not uncommon that they get displaced from last years housing for some reason and are looking for a new start. My colony was started by an ASY male as many others on this forum. You should be playing the Dawn song at the time the first Martins arrive back in your area. Have you checked the Scout reports for when that time may be based on past years. That would also tell you of any other colonies in your area. Good Luck
Jeff Dean
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Martin Colony History: None as of Oct 2020, hoping to become a landlord in 2021

Thanks for the info. I plan on playing the Dawnsong all day so I can attract them as they fly in. I didn't think about checking out the Scout Record. I'll do that. I'm located past the Austin airport about 10 miles off of Hwy 21 and FM 535. Thanks again
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I am not in the Bastrop Area but I know there are LOTS of martins in that area. We are located in West Texas and our birds should start arriving in late January/early Feb. Assuming you have an ideal location for your housing, some martins may visit during there migration back to their sites. Most of the birds arriving that early in the season are all ASY adults that won't be looking for a new site to nest. The SY birds will start arriving about 4-6 weeks after these ASY birds and they are the ones who will most likely start your colony. I do like your idea of putting the housing up early in the season though, as it gives you more chances of getting your first pair. Just be sure to keep an eye out for starlings and sparrows as they will quickly take over housing here in TX.
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Martin Colony History: None as of Oct 2020, hoping to become a landlord in 2021

Thanks. My houses have the Starling resistance entrances and I'll be on the watch for the Sparrows. I purchased the Sparrow traps so hopefully I can catch them and get rid of them. I also put up Owl guards so hopefully that will help also. Thanks again for the info
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If you're on Cedar Creek lake or in that area you have a pretty good chance. I live in Plano but I've been in that area quite a bit on the lake and so on. I've seen Martin houses all around the lake shores and they all have occupancies. I've also witnessed flocks of Martins late summer on the lake etc.

It's all about site location and flyways.

I think you'll do fine as there are a lot of Martins in that area.

BTW. If you post an arial photo of your site location you will receive many, many recommendations on placement that will aid in your success.

Good luck to you.

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Location: Cedar Creek, Texas
Martin Colony History: None as of Oct 2020, hoping to become a landlord in 2021

I don't live in the Cedar Creek LAKE area. I live in Cedar Creek just outside of Austin.


Not sure how to attach a photo so I've attached a link to my house on Googlemaps.

I've had to replace my septic system so the image is not updated.

I put my Martin houses/gourds/feeder to the right of the house. It's 72' from the house and the nearest tree is 55'.

Most of the trees in the image are gone, they took them out when installing the new septic system.

I'm about 300' from the road and the open area close to the road we are planning on putting a garden.


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Hi Alfie
I live in Maxwell, between Lockhart and San Marcos. I have been a landlord for over 20 years my first Martin showed up last year on February 8. I had 88 pairs last year it was a good year. Good luck to you sounds like you have a good start with the sparrow traps and owl guards. You may need to have a few starling traps also. Seeing the first one always makes my day. :grin:
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Martin Colony History: None as of Oct 2020, hoping to become a landlord in 2021

Hi Sandra - Thanks for the info. I'll probably put out my "Dawnsong" speaker on the 29th or 30th of January just to see if I can get any Scouts. I was looking at last years Scout Study for Austin and somebody stated they saw them at the end of January. My houses Starling resistant doors. I also have the the Snake Guard from PCMA and I built 5' 6" PVC for the other one. They have 6" PVC caps on both the top and bottom. I split them down the middle so they'll be easy to get on or off. Right now I have the entrances to the houses/guards plugged up. I also built owl guards for the houses (per the recommendation that they have 2" x 4" gaps to allow the Martins in. My one concern, out of many, is that the lady across the street has owl houses op and she said she does have a few owls living in them. She said she saw my set up and is going to put up Martin Houses also but we told her that the owls are Martin Predator. Oh well. Anyway can't wait to start seeing them. Again thanks for the reply.
Thanks again
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I played around the martin colony every summer and watched as my father maintained his colony. In the late 50's until the 70's he did not notice European Starlings in south Texas.
When old enough, I helped maintain his colony. My primary task was eliminating English House Sparrows with a 1956 Benjamin 317 .177 air rifle.
When I settled into my own home, I started my first colony with an original Trio Castle and Trio Grandpa. When I moved again, I did not put up any martin houses. Frustration with European Starlings in the Southeast US was overwhelming.
Found PMCA Forum and learned about modern enlarged compartments and SREHs.
Inherited my father's last martin house, a Trio Grandma, modified it to modern specifications and have had good results since then.

Anywhere within 100 miles of Cedar Creek, TX, I estimate your 2021 chances of attracting a martin pair at 95% with open flyways, enlarged compartments, SREH entrances, good Starling and Sparrow control and no Hawk or Owl predation.
As far as the neighbor with the owl nesting boxes, let her put up martin housing. If she comes to love the martins more than the owls, then she will eventually take down the owl nesting boxes to reduce the owl predation. That is if she realizes the disappearance of her martins is due to owl predation rather than "bad luck".

My descendants started housing Purple Martins in Shiner, TX (60 miles SSE of Cedar Creek, TX) early 1900s. Yes, I mean over 110 years ago. German and Czech immigrants brought over the tradition of hosting birds from the old country. Who hosted the first purple martins in that area??? Were the Coahuiltecan Band more nomadic? Or did they establish fixed locations like the Mississiippian Culture of this area?

Back to the present, my sister is expecting her first 2021 arrivals any time in Seguin, TX. Tony Frederickson's martin colony is about 1/4 mile from her 36 THG gourd colony. Their colonies are full to the brim each year with ASY pairs and fledge many purple martins each year that will establish new colonies. Maybe a SY pair from their colonies will establish your colony.

Good luck, we are rooting for your success.
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Martin Colony History: None as of Oct 2020, hoping to become a landlord in 2021

WOW!! 110 years ago - impressive. I really appreciate your info and that I should have about a 95% of attracting the Martins this year. As far as my neighbor goes I just hate to think that her Martins are being killed. Oh well like you stated hopefully she'll learn and get rid of the owl houses. I'll be keeping this forum updated with my progress.
Thanks for your response
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