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Well Laverne my ASY pair did it.They hatched 4 pink babies nearly at the midpoint in July.thats 8 eggs and 6 hatches and two almost ready to fly the coop with ma and pa :P :P :P :P :P
Donnie Hurdt MN
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You are right. That is cool.
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2011 A pair of subbies fledged three young but none returned in 2012 :-(
2015 One Pair of subbies came and stayed a few nits but got chased away by Bluebirds and Tree swallows. :-(
2017 0ne pair of subbies nested and fledged 4 young
2018 Tree Swallows AGAIN chased away any martins that wanted to nest :evil:
2019 Same old story................ :-(
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Martin Colony History: Erected 1st house in 1997. Birds were checking it out before Mike got down from the ladder. Six cavities had a little colony 1st year. Grown to 88 cavities all gourds with near 100% occupancy. Most important factor for success is rain = bugs.

Hey, Mr. Lodi!

You and your martins have done a great job this season... Here's to many more!

I always worry about late hatchings. Keep an extra close eye on these babies. They may need supplemental feeding in order to survive. It's hot and dry and the insects may be down in your area.

Just do nest checks more often and make sure they look okay...

Good luck!
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